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Reasons Why You Should Choose Nirvana Columbarium as the Final Resting Place?

Established in 2009, Nirvana Memorial Garden is part of Malaysian conglomerate Nirvana Asia Group, a world-class, full-fledged bereavement care provider that boasts one decade of experience in memorial park operations.

Here are why you should choose Nirvana columbarium as the final resting place.

1) Six-Star and the Most Luxurious Columbarium

Singapore’s first ‘Six-Star’ Columbarium embellished with intricate designs. Combining the best of Chinese culture and modern design.

2) Fengshui Location

The Epitome of Tranquility and Serenity, Auspicious Land of fengshui. In the hall of 'Ju Xian Dian', the tall 'Welcoming Buddha' (Metal), swaying bamboo on either side (Wood), a clear babbling stream running from the light to the right (Water), glittering sunlight sprinkling the air (Fire), and ancestors laid peacefully to rest (Earth), as well as the central fengshui globe .... These combine to form the perfect fengshui, where the five elements flourish and your family and ancestors will enjoy peace and prosperity!

3) Well-Known Brand

Asia’s largest bereavement care pioneer – holds 20 years of experience in the industry.

4) 0 Interest, Attractive Instalment Plan Payment

Easy payment scheme with 0% interest free installment payment for up to 48 months to ease your financial burden. From only $136 per month depending on your budget.

5) Protects You from Inflation

Early purchases guarantee you the locked-in price and enables you to avoid the effects of inflation. Your family is protected from rising funeral costs due to inflation.

6) Customer Service

The customer service that Nirvana Memorial Garden provides has won the heart of many. Customers can count on the service team to take care of all major veneration ceremonies and their minute details. When the Qing Ming and Zhong Yuan festivals or other important veneration draws near, they will send out gentle reminders to customers and help to organize prayer sessions. In times of grief, the service team becomes the pillar of support and lends a helping hand to customers who are not familiar with the rituals. Therefore, it's a value-added reason why some people choose Nirvana Memorial Garden as their final resting place.

7) Pre-planning to ensure total peace of mind

Nirvana Memorial Garden allows customers to pre-plan and book their Niches and Funeral Package in advance. Pre-planning can be a great relief, both for you and your loved ones. It allows you to ensure that your final wishes are respected. Gives you the ability to customize the service to your desires. Relieves your family of financial and administrative burdens.

8) 99 Years Leasehold

Nirvana Memorial Garden is pleased to announce that the Group has extended the existing lease in Singapore from August 13, 2029 to August 13, 2098, the payment of a lease extension premium of SGD 47 million. In essence, the Lease Extension is expected to further entrench the long-term presence of the Group in Singapore.

9) One-Time Maintenance Fee

At Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore, families are only required to pay an upfront one-time off maintenance fee which compared to other temples/columbarium may be required to pay a monthly or yearly maintenance fee.

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