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Immediate Need

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What to do when someone passes away

Step 1: Call Our Hotline

Call our hotline

+65 9660 3015 (24 hours), we are ready to lend our assistance and guide you on what needs to be done.

Step 2: Planning the funeral

Nirvana Singapore (NMG) offers a wide range of funeral services catering to all religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Christian, Roman Catholic, Free Thinker & Soka.

Step 3: Consider the final resting place

Strategic located in one of the best fengshui location, with serene and peaceful environment. Nirvana Singapore (NMG) columbarium suites designed to cater to every religious needs.

Step 4: Focus on what matters

You may spend your time on what matters most – grieving, saying your goodbyes and healing.

When a loved one passes away

It is inevitable we will go through a difficult emotional time when a loved one passes. During this sensitive period, there are crucial things that need to be observed. Legal documentation and reporting can feel like a hindrance during times like these but is unavoidable.

If we know what needs to be done, these matters can be settled quickly and the sooner we can let the mourning process begin. We cannot emphasize enough on the importance on pre-planning as a good bereavement care provider can usually assist on such matters with minimal concern so the bereaved family can be allowed to focus on what is more important – dealing with grief and mourning a loss.


Have you considered pre-planning ?

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