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Block A - Ju Xian Dian 聚仙殿

Block A, known as Ju Xian Dian (聚仙殿) is built with the concept Five elements of Fengshui, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

Metal represents by the Buddha Statue, Wood represents by the green bamboo around the Buddha Statue, Water represents by the flowing water from the pond surrounding the Buddha, Fire represents by the natural sunlight through glass sprinkles from the ceiling and lastly Earth represents by the ashes in the Columbarium.

Nirvana-Singapore-富贵山庄-Columbarium-Block A.jpg

Block B - Shan Sheng Temple 三圣殿

Here, one is blessed by the Avaloitesara, Ksitigarbha and Sakyamuni Buddha’s golden statues.

Ksitigarbha primarily is known as the bodhisattva of the hell realm, although he travels to all of the Six Realms and is a guide and guardian of those between rebirths.

Sakyamuni Buddha is the founder of the Buddhist religion.

Avaloitesara also commonly known as Guanshiyin, a compassionate bodhisattva who hears the cries of sentient beings, and who works tirelessly to help those who call upon his name.

Block C - Ju Fu Dian 聚福殿

Block C, known as Ju Fu Dian is a relatively new block, is built with more modern design look compared to Block A & B.


Block A Columbarium Niches
聚仙殿 骨灰福位

Block B Columbarium Niches
三圣殿 骨灰福位

Block C Columbarium Niches
聚福殿 骨灰福位

Strategic Location - Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore provides the best columbarium (columbria) niche, recognized for its serene and peaceful environment. This is definitely an idea final resting place with verdant landscape, and best FengShui layout for your loved ones.

Nirvana Memorial Garden
富贵山庄 (新加坡)