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The Hall of Three-Buddha houses the Holy Trinity of the Samsara World, Shakyamuni Buddha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva are believed to look after Heaven, Earth and Man respectively. The solemn and peaceful atmosphere of the Hall attracts a steady stream of worshippers daily.

Block C Columbarium Niches
聚福殿 骨灰福位

Block A - Ju Xian Dian 聚仙殿

In the Celestial hall Ju Xian Dian, the Golden Welcoming Buddha (Gold) in the middle of bamboo greenery (Wood), the endless stream of Waters running from the light to the right; the glittering Sunlight (Fire) sprinkling the air; esteemed ancestors remains (Earth) in peaceful residence … Ju Xian Dian one of the auspicious land of Fengshui!

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Block B - Three-Buddha 三圣殿

Block C - Ju Fu Dian 聚福殿

In this building, there is this special room call Anling Hall specially meant for Ji Ling. This is an iconic practice unique of Chinese culture. As times change, people lead a busy lifestyles and residential spaces are getting smaller. Here in Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore, our Ji Ling services offere convenience and professionalism for effortless ancestor reverence.


Block A Columbarium Niches
聚仙殿 骨灰福位

Block B Columbarium Niches
三圣殿 骨灰福位

Strategic Location - Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore provides the best columbarium (columbria) niche, recognized for its serene and peaceful environment. This is definitely an idea final resting place with verdant landscape, and best FengShui layout for your loved ones.

Nirvana Memorial Garden
富贵山庄 (新加坡)