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What is "冥诞 (Ming Dan)"?

What is "冥诞 (Ming Dan)"?

Do we need to pray?

"冥诞 (Ming Dan)" what we referred to the last birthday after a person passed away.

In the past, it is common among the people to perform prayer for the last birthday of the deceased.

This can be used to express grief and filial piety to the deceased, and at the same time, it can also allow the family to accept the fact that the family and the deceased are separated from each other, and the last birthday prayer can only be done once.

The last birthday for the deceased is simple and grand. On this day, in addition to the fruits and foods that the deceased used to like to eat, the family can also prepare noodles, eggs and a cake for the birthday of the deceased (Without the wording "Happy Birthday" or candles). After the offerings are placed, family members will take turns offering incense according to their seniority to inform the deceased that they have completed their last birthday prayer and wish the deceased a peaceful journey to the Pure Land. Remember that you can only do this once, and moving forward will be replaced with the death anniversary of the deceased.

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