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Prayer Services

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Nirvana Memorial Garden is not just a place where the ashes of the departed lay to rest but is also a memorial garden with fully equipped facilities, beautiful environment and exemplary service from the heart; that serves to provide peace and comfort to both the departed and their family.

There's always a dedicated team to take care, so that family members who are overseas or have no time to visit can be relieve of worries.

Ceremonial Ceremony


Daily Praying

Our in-house master, chanting in the morning and evening every day, crossing the main building dedicate to all ancestors in Nirvana Singapore.


Grand Prayer Ceremony

Grand Prayer Ceremony are held every year in Qing Ming and Zhong Yuan. 

Participating in this grand prayer generates merits for both the living and deceased. This grand prayer takes 3 days to complete.

An-Ling Service
Prayer Service for Newly Departed

In Nirvana Singapore, we have a special room dedicated for An-Ling prayer service. After funeral ceremony and cremation is completed, family will bring 3 items: Photo, tablet & incense burner to be place in our An-Ling prayer room.

For the next 49 days, we have our in-house specialist on behalf of family offer joss sticks, drinks and food daily.

On the last day of the ritual, it is the day that the whole ceremony has come to a close and the time for the living to move on from the grief.

An-Ling Service Charges:

Our Niche Customer: FREE

Pedestal Customer: $388

Non-Customer/Funeral Service Package (FSP): $1,888 

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