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Nirvana Singapore New Block B Consecration & Blessing Ceremony

Nirvana Memorial Garden conducted a Consecration and Blessing Ceremony for the completion of the newly reconstructed Grand Hall in Block B from October 20th to October 22nd.

Every participant approached this event with profound devotion. Over the course of three days, a series of rituals took place, including chanting by the monks, purification ceremonies, offering ceremonies. Through these activities, event participants immersed themselves in a journey of spiritual purification, letting go of worldly distractions and attaining inner calm and tranquility.

This event held exceptional significance as it marked the consecration and blessing of Block B, infusing the structure with an aura of serenity and sanctity, bringing blessings to all who visited.

The successful completion of this ceremony can be attributed to the unwavering devotion and commitment of all participants.

May the profound blessings generated by this event continue to radiate serenity and peace to all.

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