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2023 Zhong Yuan Enlightenment Ceremony 中元法会

The 7th month of the lunar calendar celebrates the Hungry Ghost Festival. It is originated from China where the Chinese paid homage to their deceased parents and ancestors as an important practice of filial piety. The festival has become an important Chinese festival nowadays and they participate in Enlightenment Ceremony.

The Enlightenment Ceremony is an expression of filial piety and a good deed of mercy. It also enlightened us to be thankful in life, to know our benefactors and to repay the debt of gratitude.

The keen involvement by benevolent people is ample testimony of the time-honored virtues of filial piety which is faithfully observed by the Chinese community.

The Zhong Yuan Enlightenment Ceremony (中元节超度法会) will be held in Nirvana Memorial Garden from 25th August to 27th August.

Please contact us for more information:

1. Royal Seat 帝皇席- $1,688 2. Prosperity Seat 尊贵席- $1,388 3. Peaceful Zone 安祥座 – $328 4. Merit Zone 功德座 – $188

5. Abundance Set 丰收满载礼包 - $88 6. Karmic Creditors 冤亲债主 – $58 7. Infant Spirits 无缘宝宝 – $58


《Royal Seat | Prosperity Seat》

A luxurious table-style ancestor worship package recommended by Nirvana, including 2 independent lotus seats, flowers, fruits, incense, candles, and high-quality paper offerings, completing the transcending the ancestors to being born in Buddha’s Pure Land, seeing immeasurable Buddhas and great Bodhisattvas.

《Peaceful Zone》

An ancestor worship package at the front wall of the Buddha platform, includes 1 large lotus seat, combined with the six vegetarians’ food offerings, transcending ancestors through the hearing of the voices of the Buddhas, having the three karmic offenses removed, and there is immeasurable blessings and peaceful liberation.

《Merit Zone》

Ancestor worship package with two side walls of the Buddha, including 1 medium-sized lotus seat, complete with six vegetarians’ food offerings. Transcending the ancestors to pure land, through enlightenment by hearing Dharma , developing bodhicitta and increasing merit.

《Karmic Creditors》

Many people start to encounter many obstacles and troubles when they start to get better in their lives. The entanglement of an acquaintance and a creditor is the result of both yin and yang suffering. Bad fortune, unsatisfactory career, disharmony between husband and wife, unfilial children, nightmares in sleep, and even unexplainable illnesses are all caused by cause and effect. All karmas are born through cause and effect, so through signing up for large-scale puja, one can overcome the grievances and creditors of your life and dedicate the merits of chanting sutras and repentance to it, so when hatred and grievances are let go in one’s heart, one will be free from suffering.

Infant Spirits

During the Puja, we sincerely prayed to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva to take good care of these children, to resolve the resentment in their hearts with compassion and love, and then to let go of their attachments and ignorance, and to be reborn in the Buddhaland with the Bodhisattva.

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