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Suite 89 Ying Rui Ge 迎瑞阁

Nirvana Memorial Garden Presents - New Launch Suite [Suite 89 迎瑞阁].

Breaking the conventional niche panel designs, Our three-dimensional prayer wheel panel is designed to entice all those who visit, presenting them with a clear, bright, and minimalistic style that is sure to go unmatched.

Not only does this panel look beautiful, but it also holds great cultural and spiritual value. The prayer wheel is one of the eight auspicious symbols, believed to bring luck and fortune while taking away all ill luck, disasters, and karma. It is said that spinning it will ensure success in whatever endeavor you take on. It is said that the spinning of prayer wheels will take away all ill fortune, along with disasters and karma.

Promotion till 28 June 2023

Double Niche Lot discount up to $18,000

Single Niche Lot discount up to $10,000

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