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Nirvana Zhong Yuan Enlightenment Ceremony 2022

The seventh month of the lunar calendar celebrates one of the most important festival days of the Chinese community. Known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, Ulambana Festival or Zhongyuan Festival.

In conjunction with this festival, Nirvana Memorial Garden organizes the Enlightenment Ceremony annually during this period to commemorate and pray for departed ancestors and appease unfortunate beings in the realm of suffering so that they find release and rebirth.

Merit for the Departed Soul

To free begins in the Six Domains of Reincarnation from suffering and to achieve rebirth in the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss quickly. It is an act of gratitude towards the Buddha’s teaching, filial piety, and the kindness of other beings.

Infant Spirits

Pray for these infant spirits, by protecting their spirit and soul to enable them to reincarnate for a better life.

Karmic Creditors

Pray for these Karmic Debtors of previous lives or wandering souls of this life, helping to repay and free ourselves from karma debts.

Kindly note that this year Enlightenment Ceremony will consist of the following packages:

1. Royal Seat 帝皇席- $1188

2. Peaceful Zone 安祥座 - $298

3. Merit Zone 功德座 - $168

4. Abundance Set 丰收礼包 - $68

5. Karmic Creditors 冤亲债主 - $48

6. Infant Spirits 无缘宝宝 - $48

Please contact 6791 2605 or 9660 3015 for the registration

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