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2022 Winter Solstice Blessing Event

Dong Zhi, or Winter Solstice Festival is one of the most important festivals in the Chinese Tradition. It is also part of our Chinese custom for the family to get together and offer respects to our loved ones on this auspicious day.

Nirvana Memorial Garden is scheduled to hold the Winter Solstice Blessing Event on 22/12/2022

All participants in this event will be entitled to a packet of 2kg Blessed rice after the event whereby an option is available for the participants to choose and share out this “Blessing” to the needy families through our selected charity or organisations.

To add on! In the spirit of charity, for every seat sold, Nirvana Memorial Garden will donate a packet of 2kg Rice to the selected organisation!

Registration for the event will start on 19th October 2022, please contact +65 6791 2605 / +65 9660 3015

Registration: Starts from 19/10/2022

Date: 22/12/2022, Thursday

Venue: Nirvana Memorial Garden, Block A

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