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富贵山庄(新加坡) Nirvana Memorial Garden


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Nirvana Singapore sincerely launched the one-of-its-kind luxury hearse in Asia, allowing families to send the departed the last mile in the most solemn and respectful way. Spacious and transparent windows allow relatives and friends to express their condolences at the same time, and the 15 special spotlights illuminate the deceased's ultimate journey to western paradise.


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The Future of Nirvana Singapore [Target Completion 2022]
新加坡富贵山庄生命纪念馆 全新打造 华丽转身 【预计2022完成】


Begun from January 2020, Nirvana Singapore is going through major reconstruction. With this new construction underway, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore will turn into the only integrated bereavement care service provider with Columbarium Niches, Funeral Services, Prayer Services, and Funeral Parlor.


The structure will be fabricated breathtakingly and will be finished in two phases. The first phase is composed of Building B and the original buildings A and C on both sides.


The white grille outer external outside with external point of view enables guests to get a glimpse of Buddha silhouette from each point.


During the day, the Buddha statue appear slowly presenting a sacred atmosphere.


At the night the lighting of the Buddha appeared, and the momentum was extraordinary creates the Harmony of Man and Nature.

Featured as one of the Best Funeral Services in Singapore

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